Block Option Wiki - Binary Option for Blockchain

We’re reinventing the global equity blockchain – that is transparency, safety and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the traditional binary options work and the way investors trade binary option – specifically the Block Option

What is Block Option?

Block Option is a binary trading platform based in Japan. How it works is based on blockchain technology that combines smart contract and ERC20 platform. The Option block loads asset price data by using the Orcalize service. No need for any database, even no virtual windows to avoid cheating. It is also impossible to refuse liquidity and there is no delay of the order.

Block Option Wiki - Binary Option for Blockchain

The founders

Block Option created by Mr. David Stevenson – a senior advisor on Blockchain organizations, Adrien Damour – a Blockchain technology expert and AI artificial intelligence, Yannic Bosscher – in charge of Blockchain and his techniques Mark Anthony – media coordinator for the Block Option project.

These founders have a desire to bring a new breeze in binary. Include and integrate the latest technologies for investors.

How the Block Option works

Trader will use his analytical ability to predict the increase or decrease of asset value within a time frame of 1 minute (fixed time). If you choose the right investor, you will get profit and vice versa. You will only be charged 5% for the broker when you win.

This is a large financial playground, allowing people to trade across many different assets. Floors allow people to execute trading orders on asset pairs such as forex, securities, crypto and use them as investment tools.

You will see a chart in the center with buying and selling boxes on the right hand side. Your balance is displayed at the top along with any assets you are trading.

The interface also provides easy-to-chat links, transaction history and customer support and in case of any problems, users can quickly open a dialogue with the support team.

The demo version of the trading platform is the same as the live version and traders can improve their skills by using $ 10,000 in virtual currency that comes with a practice account. Even when things get worse, these amounts can be added, giving traders a consistent fund to practice.

Block Option Wiki - Binary Option for Blockchain

Forms of deposit and withdrawal on the platform


Currently, Block Option accepts Crypto recharge with 8 coins: BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, LTC, DASH, USDT. With a minimum deposit of $ 50


  • Load the correct amount of the order
  • Load in the period of the alarm system (1 hour, time displayed under QR code), after 1 hour the wallet address will change.
  • Each time only one load order is created, if you want to disable it to create another order, cancel to create a new order
  • When you recharge and then cancel, you must support the system to be returned to your wallet or straight to the floor.
  • It is recommended not to charge USDT to avoid charge deduction, because the floor runs on ETH platform so it will cost the network.


Block Option platform is supporting 2 main withdrawal ports which are BTC and ETH. Successful withdrawal time is quite fast, falling in about 1-3 hours. The minimum withdrawal amount is also $ 10.

Withdrawal fee:

– 0.01 ETH for investors who withdraw Ethereum port.

– 0.0005 BTC for investors who withdraw bitcoin port

Transparency in transactions

The trading platform has integrated candle data from Tradingview, a professional analysis tool that traders around the world are using. This is something that cannot be counterfeited and intervened.

Analysis tools

Traders can take advantage of technical analysis tools to make the most accurate decision. Chart tools can provide in-depth information and help customers build their trading strategies.


These are volatile markets, where it can take a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Be sure to carry out your research, learn the platform from the inside out and never risk the more money you can afford to lose.

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