The ecosystem of Block Option

The vision of Block Option is the Commercial Market. It’s not just only the regular trading platform, the great value for the community is the thing we want to dedicate.

Which is included in the Block Option ecosystem?

Internal trading platform:

The main function of the platform is trading & exchanging token among the internal investors. The advantage of internal trading platform is extremely low fee, the time for matching orders is also extremely fast and no excessive price difference.

Internal token:

The main feature of the token BOT is internal exchange without fee. Investors can convert from crypto to BOT to transfer internally. This is also a remarkable piece in the Block Option ecosystem.

Automatic trading bot

– Manual BOT: has the command to set up function according to the investors’ demand. You can install the command according to your own method.

– Automated BOT: has the function of collecting data from traders’ trading orders, then synthesizing to make the most accurate trading orders. In general, automated BOT may be more trusted by investors.

Jackpot game

Weekly lottery game is the way to help investors to get more profits partly. In addition to trading, you can also come here to play games for entertainment but still to earn money.

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